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Prepare your company for high conversion rates by utilising the fastest growing channels of Digital Marketing. Yes, SEM requires an investment, but it also promises high conversion rates that you won’t want to pass up.

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Trust Digital Areva, a renowned digital marketing firm with an expert team driven by a desire to assist brands in powering their marketing campaigns on renowned search engines and gaining a competitive advantage. The Pay Per Click methodology revolutionised the way paid marketing/advertising on the web is carried out with the sole intention of increasing the visibility of the website on SERPs, attracting quality traffic, and driving sales. Digital Areva collaborates with clients to help them realise the full potential of online marketing services at the most affordable prices. The SEM campaigns are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of various businesses, and any changes that are required are implemented immediately to meet the goal.


With our SEM services, you can get right to the customer touch points.

Search ads

These ads are text-based, paid-for results that appear on SERPs when customers search for a product or service similar to yours. They are built with keywords from your campaigns, including those that are closely related to your brand.

Display ads

These ads appear in the form of images on other websites and apps that your customers visit. These appear as banner ads alongside the original content and before YouTube videos. Target different audiences and reach decision-makers quickly.

Shopping ads

These are the ads that are perfect for selling products online, and they include detailed information about products, including images and other important information. These ads significantly stimulate e-commerce business but with the right strategies.


Smart ads

Advertisers can use smart display campaigns to direct their ads to audiences who are most likely to convert without any set targeting. A CPA goal is set, and the ad is uploaded, at which point Google takes over the campaign. Simply plan the appropriate input and let Google do the rest.

Video ads

These are online ads that contain a video and can appear before, during, or after a video stream. On an emotional level, video ads engage your audience with amusing and high-quality visuals. Make information for people who are constantly on the move.


Because many users spend a significant amount of time on various mobile apps, in-app advertising is a popular type of online advertising to drive revenue on iOS and Android apps. In-app advertising can also reach consumers thanks to precise data tracking.

Local ads

These are popular ads that are shown to customers who are looking for the services you provide in their area. In other words, these advertisements are for customers looking for specific services in their area, and they include your contact information, location, and business hours.

Discovery ads

Discovery ads are responsive ads that include a series of images with your brand logo, headlines, and descriptions that Google rotates automatically to find the best-performing ad and share your brand storey. They are advertisements that appear in multiple feeds.

Call ads

Call-only ads on Google are only shown to mobile device users. Instead of providing a URL for a web user to click on, they click to call your company directly.

Why are we the best PPC services in Chennai?

Pay per click (PPC) is a popular method of digital advertising in which a company can place advertisements on top search engine results pages to promote the company, product, or service online. The number of viewers who click on the advertisement and are then redirected to the promoted landing page determines the rate. PPC generates immediate results and is especially useful for those looking to increase traffic to a website in a short period of time.

Each search engine marketing project at Digital Areva is tailored to your specific business goals. Our dedicated PPC experts have experience with online advertising campaigns and will provide our clients with the best pay-per-click solutions. Our Pay per click services company was created with best practises in mind to increase ROI for your business by attracting customers who are actively looking for products or services similar to yours.

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is a quick and cost-effective way to drive more targeted traffic to your website and generate more potential leads on a regular basis. We can help you achieve your goals using Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter, and other tools with this new approach.

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