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Digital marketing has become a must-have for every business. In this fast-paced and competitive environment, it is essential to compete and secure a dominant position. Our online marketing services not only give you a competitive advantage over slower traditional marketing activities. It will also assist you in tracking, measuring, and analysing your efforts.

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Our Holistic Marketing Approach represents your brand to the world in a way that has never been done before.

Search Engine Optimization

Higher visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) has a significant business impact on a brand. We help to generate better search rankings for any particular keyword.

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PPC Marketing

We audit, research, strategies, run, analyze, monitor;  We do everything to make most of the ad campaign for you. 

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Social Media Marketing

We run Campaigns and optimize your social media platforms for better branding.

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Website Design

We build your websites with more creativity and responsive with good reputation of your company.

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About Our Agency

Your Ultimate Solution

Digital Areva is a full-service digital marketing firm based in Chennai, India. We combine our years of experience and knowledge to provide solutions that are both performance-driven and creative for our clients. Since 2019, we’ve assisted over 50 brands in getting their foot in the door of the digital world. We intend to achieve growth through digital excellence.

Our Work

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Residential Builder Client
  • More than 200 Keywords Ranked on First Page
  • 250 link Clicks per month (leads)
  • Average CTR 10
  • Structural Design Consultant
  • More than 25 Keywords Ranked on First Page
  • 200 link Clicks per month (leads)
  • Average CTR 8
  • NEET,IIT and NDA coaching
  • More than 25 Keywords Ranked on Second Page
  • 100 link Clicks per month (leads)
  • Average CTR 6